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How to find the Right Industrial LED Light Fixtures

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How to find the Right Industrial LED Light Fixtures

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Did you know that finding and settling for the right industrial LED light fixtures can provide sufficient light in your facility?

It certainly does!

This is because there are several Industrial LED light fixtures out there and it may be a bit tricky to choose the ideal one for your application.

What are Industrial LED Light Fixtures

Industrial light fixtures are employed in office buildings, warehouses, retail buildings, and generally, real estate properties that are used for business purposes.

These lights illuminate the space to make it easier for workers to handle tasks and navigate within the commercial space easily.

What’s more, industrial light fixtures help to create the right atmosphere that welcomes customers to your business.

Types of Industrial Light Fixtures in Runlux

The different types of commercial light fixtures and the locations or spaces they are most suited for use include:

  • LED Troffer Fixtures

  • LED High Bay Fixtures

  • LED Strip Light Fixtures

  • LED Vapor Tight Ligh Fixtures

LED Troffer Fixtures

If you’re out to get modern office lighting fixtures for ceiling or commercial led office lighting fixtures, then the LED Troffer fixtures is ideal.

These are indoor lighting solutions that can be used on office ceilings to provide crisp and even white light.

What this does, is to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your employees and at the same time, reduce the potential of eye strain, headaches, neck pains, and lack of focus.

Visitors to these office premises will also be presented with a more soothing environment thanks to the cool lighting from LED flat panel fixtures.

LED High Bay Fixtures

LED High bay light fixtures are ideal for use in high ceiling facilities such as a warehouse.

These indoor light fixtures can be used to improve the aesthetics of these buildings, while at the same time offering an energy-efficient light source.

High bay warehouse LED lighting fixtures can be hung from the ceiling using chains, hooks, or pendants, or they can be fixed to ceilings directly.

Asides from warehouses, these lights can be used in manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, large department stores, factories, and lots more.

LED Linear Strip Light Fixtures

Have you ever wondered what the best lighting for a retail store is? If that’s the case, you need to try LED strip light fixtures.

But how does lighting affect retail sales?

Proper lighting of stores attracts customers to it and guides them through the store.

It also creates a perfect shopping experience for customers where they can be relaxed and feel comfortable, which in turn, encourages them to make purchases.

Strip light fixtures also bring out the best features of items sold in these stores by enhancing their appearance which helps to boost sales.

Asides from retail applications, strip light fixtures can also be used in commercial, industrial, and residential spaces.

Accordingly, you can use them in shopping malls, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, amongst other places.

Vapor Tight Fixtures

LED Vapor tight fixtures are moisture-proof and they protect against dust and humidity.

As such, neither can moisture nor vapor enter the fixtures at any time.

This makes them ideal for rugged and wet locations such as car wash, parking garage, and NSF for food processsing facilities etc.

Interestingly, these fixtures come with a durable housing that is corrosion-resistant, and as such, they last for a long time.

They also feature an impact-resistant lens that protects the lights in wet and damp atmospheres.


The benefits of finding the right LED fixtures for your application cannot be overemphasized.

It will ensure that while you take advantage of the energy-efficient benefits of LED light fixtures, you get the most out of your money’s worth.

Consequently, it will enhance workers’ productivity, make people around the vicinity feel comfortable and safe, and most importantly, yield more sales or profit in your space.

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