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What we could do for IC Shortage for LED driver?

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Market conditions: Chipmakers reserving stocks for tech groups producing smartphones, tablets and gaming devices, but throttled supply for automakers. So last three months, more and more auto companies lack of IC. Like NIO declare temporary stop production for 5days. 

The force majeure: In October, fire and explosion happened in a Japanese chip plant owned by Asahi Kasei Microdevices. Then, in November, a fire in the Taiwan-based factory owned by Unimicron Technology caused a setback to supply of IC (integrated circuit) substrates, which are used in semiconductor packaging.

Demand has increased dramatically: Due to COVID-19, more and more people work at home which speed up consumer electronics purchases, so demand for 5G phones, laptops and other home electronics picked up fast. On the ther hand, the vehicles is here and there, it relys on IC much. 

Based on all those reasons, now the IC is very shortage in the market. Now even LED lighting industry get involved. Because the drivers for LED fixtures need IC, most driver for north amercial market need IC like Richtek, Silergy SZ5867.

What RUNLUX could do for you when IC Shortage for LED driver?

  1. Before the IC shortage, we had made some material inventory of regular LED fixtures for some important customers.

  2. Now we work closely with driver facotry to get the IC resource together.

If you would like to more solutations, pls be free to discuss with us via info@runluxled.com.

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