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What's difference between DLC 5.1and 5.0 version?

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What's difference between DLC 5.1and 5.0 version?

V5.0 and V5.1 versions of DLC were released on Feb, 14. 2020.

DLC V5.1
1, Request the product better color display level by better color consistency and color quality requirements;

2. For high-grade certification products, better lighting performance and recognition requirements are provided;

3. All products are required to have dimming function, and further improve energy saving and user safety performance.

DLC 5.0
1. Improve the lighting effect of lighting products, and there is no requirement on lighting color quality of products

2. Most indoor lamps and replacements are required to have dimming function

V5.1 Technical Requirements: Efficacy

Minimum light output and efficacy values have not changed from V5.0, but V5.1 includes the following changes:

  • Revised minimum light output requirements for High-Bay Primary Use Designations

  • Addition of a new Low-Bay General Application with minimum light output and efficacy requirements, separate from High-Bay

V5.1 Technical Requirements: Quality of Light

Under SSL V5.1, a product’s quality of light is evaluated by its spectral quality, light distribution, and discomfort glare.

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