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If a NSF LED vapor tight high bay better than LED UFO hig bay

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Runlux open our new molding on a LED vapor tight high bay 2nd Gene. seldom suppliers have this molding.

It is a waterproof high bay used for Food & Beverage Processing, Industrial, Facilities, Tunnels, Cold Storage, Warehouses,

Wastewater Treatment Plants & Natatoriums

Now in the market only ILP, Lithonia etc do, the profit is huge.

Fixtures as below:

1. DLC premium. DLC category into the high bay on 150w, 200w vapor tight high bay

2. Full series with own molding. 150w, 200w vapor tight high bay,

3. NSF for food facilities. NEAM 4X, IP66 Cert. 

4.  Vapor tight high bay is better than UFO with NSF to use in a food processing factory, much profit could bring to you.

5. Motion sensor, Emergency battery, Whip, 6ft cord are avaliable.

6. 120-277V, 480V USA, 120-347V Canada

We check in the USA market, very few clients do this just like ILP, Lithonia they make themselves. But their size too big to do a high watt. So we thought these products have potential big markets.

Following our size design VS others.

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