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How to Select a Right LED Vapor Tight Fixture?

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How to Select a Right LED Vapor Tight Fixture?

  1. See the certification of DLC.

    Runlux's LED Vapour tight fixture all DLC 5.1 in both Standard and Premium. When others only DLC 5.1 Standard.  On the other hand, you need check the classify of the DLC 5.1 Premium, ours is under linear abient luminaires for higher rebate.

  2. Other Certifications. Like IP66, IP67, IK10, Nema 4x, NSF, ICES005, FCC. Runlux have all those certs for led vapor tight.

  3. If the sereise is completely. Runlux's 2ft, 4ft, 8ft, from 20w led vapor tight to 200w led vapor tight high bay whole series.

  4. Test: Heat dissipation,TC Temp of driver, Temp of fixtures. Choose a good driver, then design with right LED make a led vapor tight fixture work better.

    In DLC testing, they just test 25℃ as Measured TC Temperature for a 50000hrs warranty. Normally, the factories just make sure the 25℃ have a good performance. But with Runlux we would test in 40℃ as Measured TC Temperature to choose a best driver to match LED, and make a best fixture.

    Besides. We also do testing that our vapor-tight can instant on/off under-40℃ since some area in North America market is very cold in winter.

  5. Cost. When we talk about cost, it means a totally cost. the cost always by design.  Runlux have powerful R&D to design the led vapor tight waterproof fixture meet with all your requirement.

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